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Trinidad is the southernmost island of the Caribbean archipelago and is located 7 miles north of the South American mainland. It is the larger island of the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago and has an approximate area of eighteen hundred and fifty (1850) square miles. Because of the close proximity of Trinidad to the South American Continent, Trinidad demonstrates a unique combination of flora and fauna as compared to the other islands of the Caribbean Archipelago....

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Named for the tobacco cultivated by the original Carib population, Tobago existed separately from Trinidad for centuries. While the explorer Christopher Columbus sighted the island in 1498, he did not land and no attempts were made to colonize Tobago. But long before European powers expressed interest in the island's strategic harbour and fertile soil, it was the centre of battles for control between the Carib population and other Amerindian tribes. Later, in the 17th century, English, French, Dutch and even Courlanders (Latvians) fought to control the strategic island and it changed hands more than 30 times.....

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